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Friday, November 9, 2007

I'm still recovering

THAT game was so disheartening, I haven't thought much about the game on Sunday night. Maybe I'll write again next week.

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Sahil said...

I know the feeling.....sucked the life out of me for almost 3 days.But then i sorta moved on.....but it still pains me to read over the game analysis or for that matter ANYTHING related to the game.Yes we showed we were strong,and we lost.Not by much,but as much as i'm happy to know that the game was a non-division game,i'm beating myself up for seeing that we lost to the Pats,i mean if we'd have lost to the chargers to stop our winning streak,it would've been okay.But against the Pats,its just like rubbing it in that much more!Keep writing man...love to read your blog.As always....Go Colts!